RFID Card Attendance System can be implemented in all types of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities to derive maximum benefits for all stakeholders – students, faculty, educators, and parents. RFID cards with unique identification information are given to students, faculty, and other staff members. The RFID readers are placed strategically across various points on the campus such as near the entrance gate, classroom door, canteen, etc. Whenever a student or staff member with an RFID card crosses near the RFID reader device, their check-in/check-out/attendance information is captured. These multiple checkpoints will ensure the highest accuracy of the information and will track every activity of the student.

To process the attendance & time information, administrators are required to connect these RFID readers to computers. The computer can be further connected to a student information system (SIS) for extracting & storing attendance data safely & sending daily attendance alerts to parents